Unique class format

Each Bright Future Yoga class always has three components...

  • The beginning of the class always starts with learning Sun Salutations and move into a flow incorporating our Theme of the Day. If the theme is Strength we might focus on arm balances, but if the theme is Balance we will focus on standing balances.
  • The middle of the class includes a game which will help the kids to build a better sense of themselves. For example, the smile game helps kids to realize that attitude is contagious both positive and negative to help bring awareness to how they carry themselves.
  • The end of the class incorporates a breathing activity and mindfulness activity which could be the bell game or coloring in Mandela’s. We end all classes in Savasana.

Yoga for Preschool to Middle Elementary Education

Class usually starts with yoga asana (postures).  We  will use our imagination by going on journey themes.

After our journey is complete, we do our breathing work and fine tune several motor skills through various games.

This is the time we might play the Bell game which is a way to learn through play walking with mindfulness activities. We always end our classes in Savasana. 

Yoga for 4th graders and older

For older kids, yoga postures are built around more complex themes such as Strength, Peace, or Balance.

No matter what population we are working with, our goal is to provide a positive, fun, enriching experience for kids. We want to plant the seed of yoga and help kids to let go of their labels and see their true nature and power within them selves. This applies whether or not a child comes from a disadvantaged background or family situation. Yoga is a universal system whose benefits transcend the students' age, race, socio-economic status, and life experiences. Regardless of a student's profile, yoga can only strengthen a person’s life physically, mentally and emotionally.

If you are thinking about incorporating a yoga program at your school or institution, please know that one template does not fit every community. We will be happy to meet with you and discuss how a yoga program could best fit into your objectives.