Discover Bright Future Yoga!

For whom is Bright Future Yoga?
All children from 3 years of age through 12th grade.  BFY also offers adult, prenatal, mommy and me, and senior citizen classes.

Where do you hold your classes?
Schools, summer camps, daycares, athletic program supplements, after-school programs, school physical fitness program supplements, detention centers, senior citizens programs, and gyms.

Why should I enroll my child in BFY?
Unlike most common sports, yoga works on integrating mental focus into physical activity. Regular yoga practice can lead to improved performance in educational settings and an overall healthy, positive lifestyle.

What will my child learn and experience in BFY?
Yoga is a two-pronged activity that encompasses both the physical and mental. 
  • The Physical Part:  Through yoga, kids build a relationship with their physical bodies in a non-competitive arena. Physical games help children to work in groups, and to interface effectively with each other, which helps to build communication skills and socializing.
  • The Meditative Part:  Activities are designed to help children slow down and focus. One example of a breathing activity is blowing a feather in the air. These games are not only stress-reducing and calming, but fun!

What are the benefits of children's yoga?
  • As children in the U.S. become increasingly unhealthy, yoga provides the tools to maintain lifelong wellness.
  • Yoga has been linked to improvement of asthma, ADD/ADHD, diabetes, insomnia, stress-related illnesses, and anxiety.
  • Yoga helps children improve concentration and focus, thus leading to greater academic achievement.
  • Yoga contributes to increased strength, flexibility and endurance, reduced stress, and improved sleep patterns.
  • Improving a child's health = less sick days.
  • Yoga creates an environment where kids can see themselves for who they really are deep down, without the pressures and labels of their peers and society.
  • Yoga is a stress-buster, and gives children tools to deal with challenges of daily life.
  • Yoga builds confidence, kindness, generosity, happiness, a sense of accomplishment, community, friendship, and fun!