Bright Future Yoga's Vision

Delaware’s regional leader in bringing yoga as a holistic solution to at-risk and marginalized clients.

Yoga provides a focused, safe method that emerges naturally as an integral part of a client’s transition. This is especially effective for populations addressing trauma-based, mental health, and social challenge issues. When children get “labeled” at a young age, it may be difficult for them to see past that label and gain a positive foothold in the midst of chaos, anger, fear, sadness, or aggression.

Yoga methods create a place of introspection and personal reflection where one can go at any time to “break the cycle,” refrain from negative reactions, and form new behaviors on a path to wellness or rehabilitation.

JILL REED, Founder of Bright Future Yoga has been bringing children's yoga to our surrounding schools and communities since 2006. When Jill saw the benefits of yoga and mindfulness in her our life she thought wouldn't it be great to plant the seed of yoga in a child.

Jill hold's a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from University of Delaware. She is registered through Yoga Alliance for her 200 and 500Hr teaching certificates. She competed Little Flower yoga training in New York City and completed the Street Yoga training for Trauma informed training youth yoga. She completed University of Penn Mindfulness program on Stress Reduction.

Jill is qualified and committed to bringing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to kids in various settings. She teaches kids in schools, mental health institutions and counseling settings. Her compassionate and loving qualities help her to connect with kids at any age and any background. She will give you a variety of tools and give you space for you to decide how a yoga and mindfulness will best fit into your child's life.


CALLIE MAGEE has been practicing yoga over five years and dedicates herself to the practice and teachings of yoga to children. She has completed her level I and level II Little Flower Yoga teacher certification in New York, and will complete her 200HR yoga training in March 2012 with Empowered Yoga in Wilmington, DE. She loves working with children and has worked as an elementary teacher in the Christina School District.
A strong believer in the transformative power of yoga, she encourages her students to follow their hearts, using yoga and mindfulness to find their inner voice, their self confidence, and their greatest potential at physical, mental, and emotional levels. Her challenge is to make each yoga class a celebration of our diversity, truthfulness, and creativity.